Why Should You Invest In Ventilation?

DEL-AIR Systems Ltd. strives to provide top quality ventilation and heat exchange technology to ensure maximum livestock production and a healthier work environment.

Providing an environment in which the air quality is well managed will result in healthier livestock. This works to maximize production and will show returns time and time again.

To ensure healthier livestock, upgrade your ventilation system when:
- A strong ammonia smell is present in barn
- Excessive moisture is visible on walls or ceilings
- Respiratory problems are evident in livestock
- There are “dead zones” or cool/warm spots throughout the barn

A DEL-AIR Systems Ltd. Representative will be more than happy to assist you in assessing your current livestock conditions and ventilation needs. Our experience and reliable technical support, together with leading product development, provides you with a smooth system that will fulfill all of your ventilation requirements.

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