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1981 - Del-Air Systems Ltd. was incorporated to manufacture and distribute agricultural heat recovery ventilators (HRVs).

1982 - The HRV's were a solid beginning of the development of Del-Air's ventilation system. Marketing had grown to the three Canadian Prairie Provinces.

1985 - Del-Air installed our first rotational molding machine in 1985. This enabled us to mold housings for our own use as well as custom molding.

1986 - Del-Air introduced a line of agricultural ventilation fans and fresh air inlets. With increased sales, a second rotational molding machine was added.

1988 – Del-Air installed a sophisticated computer system capable of CAD drawings and began providing a ventilation planning service to our distributors.

1990 - Introduction of a full line of electronic ventilation controls, completing our ventilation system. Now, Del-Air offered a complete system including design and supply of all ventilation equipment. A third rotational molding machine was added.

1995 - A new ventilation control system called the RAPID Environment Control is launched. Del-Air created a quality option for our customers and created a ventilation system.

2001 – A record 50 new molds were developed, demonstrating Del-Air's flexibility and desire to meet the customer's needs. Most notably, we launched the Hurricane series of high volume fans and the SR242, a control designed to target the needs of hog finishing barns.

2002-2008 -

Over the years, we have established active distributors across Canada, the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany and Norway and are continuing to grow our network to serve our customers better!


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