All Season, Management Free Inlets!

Del-Air inlets are designed to allow 1000-3000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of fresh air brought from your attic, hallway or exterior side wall. Our spring loaded versions allow for an adjustable resistance to air flow. Precision control is made possible with cable-controlled assemblies, controlled in tandem with fan airflow. The cable-controlled feature may be complemented by plastic baffles. You may also choose to foam-fill the plastic baffles to reduce potential condensation issues.

The C Series:

The C1 (1000 cfm) and C2 (2000 cfm) open downward and are intended for dumping fresh air into your livestock's environment from the attic. The CV1 & CV2 allow for air flow to be directed along a flat ceiling until directed downwards by a wall or by meeting another air current.



This spring controlled inlet allows 1000 cfm of airflow from your hallway. The large vertical baffle with inlet slide adjuster can be set to the control the airspeed and pattern within the room.



These are a perfect style of inlet to draw air across a room from an exterior wall. The inlets often have a fit for older barns with an open ceiling building being retro-fitted to create a negative pressure environment.

The W3 is our newest style of wall inlet, with a plastic baffle that allows for seasonal airflow changes. The cable controlled inlet points air at an upward angle at the minimum setting so the cold fresh air does not chill your animals. The cable control gradually pivots the baffle to the maximum setting, to allow up to 3000 cfm per inlet to be moved across your facility.

Cable Control:

Del-Air inlets are all compatible to be cable controlled, allowing for accurate air in-flow. Provided with room or building specifications, our design department will create a layout to optimize air movement and maximize actuator strength. Ask us about our computer assisted design services!

Air Volume @ 0.1 wg (25Pa) cfm (m3/hr)
1000 (1700)
Ceiling Air Dump
2000 (3400)
Ceiling Air Dump
1000 (1700)
Ceiling Extended Throw
2000 (3400)
Ceiling Extended Throw
4000 (6800)
Ceiling Extended Throw
1000 (1700)
Hall or Duct
1100 (1960)
Exterior Wall
3000 (5097)
Exterior Wall

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